Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care is an excellent choice for someone looking for an affordable, homelike setting. Informal adult foster care has been a part of our society for years. People that were unable to maintain their health while living alone moved in with family, friends and neighbors.

In an adult foster home, medical and personal care are provided in a manner that encourages maximum independence and enhances the quality of life.


All foster homes, private pay, or Medicaid, must obtain a license. These homes provide care for no more than 5 individuals. Foster homes providers and primary caregivers must:
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete basic training course and pass an exam
  • Be physically and mentally able to provide care
  • Provide care in a home that meets structural and safety requirements

Public Disclosure File

Senior & Disability Services maintains a public list of licensed foster care providers. In addition, complaints involving residents in licensed facilities are public and are kept in the public disclosure file. The disclosure file also contains information about a facility’s license history. Please contact our office at 541-682-4038 if you are interested in viewing the public file.