Welcome to the Regional Land Information Database (RLID)


The Regional Land Information Database (RL
ID) is the central resource for most land-based information in Lane County, Oregon. The system comprises a data warehouse of regional land information from city, county & state government agencies and other service districts. A suite of web-based applications allows users to view, query, analyze & map data and print customized reports.

How can RLID benefit you?
SAVE time and money
  • Access information from your home and office.
  • Convenient 24/7 access via the internet.
  • Find multiple agency data in one location.
SEARCH and report with ease
  • Find properties of interest by matching key information, filtering by characteristics, or locating on a map.
  • Options to do it yourself or request custom mapping and reporting services.
  • Create standard products or output raw data to integrate into your own systems.
ACCESS current and reliable data
  • "Real Time" taxes and lien data.
  • Nightly, weekly, and monthly updates of addresses, parcels, ownership, sales, schools, zoning, and more.
  • Direct from the local government sources and leading commercial providers.
RECEIVE local expert support
  • Questions, problems or comments? RLID Support is available to help.
  • Individual and group training workshops are offered.
  • We want YOU to succeed - tell us how we can make RLID work for you.