Walk and Bike


In one form or another, all trips start and end with walking or using the pedestrian network, whether you are going to the bus, to your bike or car. With this is mind, pedestrians are a high priority in all transportation planning efforts. Walking is also the simplest and least expensive mode of transportation and provides you many of the benefits of exercise.

Central Lane MPO partners, including the Cities of Eugene, Springfield and Coburg, Lane County, Lane Transit District and Point2point coordinate transportation planning efforts to improve the safety of the pedestrian and create roadways for all forms of transportation.


Bicycling is a common alternative to driving and serves to provide many benefits including, increased physical activity, savings on household transportation and improved air quality. Central Lane MPO partners are also working together to enhance regional bicycle transportation by coordinating bicycle infrastructure information and investments. The region is helping bicyclists maneuver throughout the system by expanding the network of shared use paths, improving safety on the roadway, and implementing options for secure bicycle parking.

Bicycling for transportation or for recreation can be a great and efficient way to get around town, and it has never been easier than it is now! You are encouraged to take your bike on any LTD bus to help you get to where you need to go.

Bike Route Maps

Get maps showing bike routes in the Eugene and Springfield areas (in Spanish and English)

Additional Information

To request additional walking and bicycling information please contact Point2point