Business Commute Challenge

The Business Commute Challenge is a friendly competition among employers in the Eugene-Springfield area, held during one week in May each year.  Participating employers encourage their employees to walk, bike, bus, carpool, or telecommute during the week of the challenge to see who can achieve the highest rates of participation.  The BCC is managed by Point2point at Lane Transit District, the region’s Transportation Options program.
Click on the two tabs below to see BCC Participation statistics and BCC Mode Shift survey results. Data were provided by Point2point.

The BCC Participation dashboard shows numbers of total participants and first-time participants in each annual event from 2010 to 2017, as well as numbers of teams and businesses represented.  Hover over the graphs to reveal detailed information.  Click on the legend to highlight the different measures.
The Mode Shift dashboard is based on response to a participant survey taken prior to and then again six months after the Business Commute Challenge. Participants were asked how often they used alternative transportation. Survey results over several years show a consistent increase in the share of respondents reporting use of alternative modes of transportation multiple times per week, and a consistent decrease in the share of respondents reporting that they "never" use alternative modes.  In addition, respondents were asked if current weather conditions (December) were affecting their frequency of use.  Twenty-four percent said definitely, with 28 percent saying somewhat. This suggests that during other months of the year, the frequency of use could be even higher.
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